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Dov Katz – Computer vision and machine learning expert

August 06, 2018
Dubi Katz, also known as Dov Katz has successfully positioned himself as the computer vision and machine learning expert. He was just a simple guy from Israel with a huge vision in mind and that is to let machine intelligently interpret visual information in the daily life; more of a machine and human interaction. Right after earning his bachelor’s degree in computer science at Tel-Aviv University in Israel, he moved to the United States.

He had his Ph.D. in the University of Massachusetts Amherst with a Ph.D. in robotics and his research was centered on vision and learning and the creation of the original position tracking system for the Oculus Rift VR system.  He became the vision engineer at Oculus before it was even acquired by Facebook. Because of his expertise and undeniable talent, he was promoted to senior computer vision engineer of Oculus VR. He led the Oculus’ computer vision R&D.

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